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Mineral and Vitamin Products

Absolutely essential for today's horses.


FORAGE FIRST® is important for horses.


From a scientific standpoint, horses are classified as non-ruminant herbivores, with digestive tracts designed to best utilize good-quality forages. Substantial research shows that feeding programs relying too heavily on cereal grains, with limited forage, often result in health and performance problems. Forage, a horse's natural feed, should be chosen to meet as much of a horse's protein, energy, and fiber needs as possible. Alliance Nutrition's unique FORAGE FIRST approach is specifically designed to make it easy to maximize the forage in horse rations.



Mineral and Vitamin Needs

  • Minerals and vitamins play very important roles in equine nutrition. They are required for digestion and utilization of forages and feeds and for most metabolic processes.
  • Soils become depleted of certain minerals, resulting in lower nutrient content in forages and feeds grown on those soils. In fact, average alfalfa hays, grass hays, and feeds provide less than the minimum required amounts of major minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins.
  • Since mineral content of forages and feeds varies so greatly, any feedstuff could be deficient in all six of the major minerals and all seven of the trace minerals required by horses.
  • Vitamins and minerals interact with each other in the body. For instance, if more phosphorus than calcium is fed in the total ration, the excess phosphorus can interfere with calcium absorption, possibly resulting in a deficiency of calcium. Therefore, it is very important to provide these nutrients in the correct proportions. Alliance Nutrition's GROSTRONG® Minerals are specially formulated to provide each mineral and vitamin in the correct proportion to best complement forages and feeds.
  • For optimum performance, horses need more than minimum amounts of nutrients. Today's elite equine athletes need additional amounts of numerous minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes to perform to their best ability.


GROSTRONG Mineral products are the result of unsurpassed formulation expertise and leading edge technology. There is no substitute for the years of manufacturing and formulation experience backing GROSTRONG Minerals products. Horse owners can count on GROSTRONG Minerals to provide necessary minerals and vitamins to complement forages and feeds, enabling horses to reach their performance potential. Two formulations of GROSTRONG Minerals are available to balance the horse's diet depending on the calcium:phosphorus ratio desired. In addition, other products which incorporate GROSTRONG Minerals into the formulations are available. Achieve the best nutrition with GROSTRONG Minerals Products.


MoorMan's® GROSTRONG® Minerals


A Vitamin-Mineral Supplement for All Classes of Horses  A supplement with 16% calcium and 8% phosphorus  


Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other major minerals Copper, zinc, selenium and other essential trace minerals
A, D, E and B-complex vitamins Salt and electrolytes

MoorMan's unique blend of nutrients promotes optimum performance in working horses  MoorMan's has proven itself as the optimum mineral combination for broodmares and growing horses

You can choose from two formulations:
     Regular--16/8 Ca/P

Your choice of convenient sizes and forms:
      10 lb pail
      25 lb bag or block
      25 lb QuadBLOCK for stall feeding

MoorMan's GROSTRONG Precise Minerals
A Vitamin-Mineral Supplement for All Classes of Horses
A supplement with 12% calcium and 10% phosphorus


  • Balanced formulations to complement forages and feeds are backed by more than 100 years of livestock nutrition research.

  • Provide a complete package of 27 vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in appropriate ratios and amounts for horses.

  • Promote optimum performance in all classes of horses.

  • Two formulations, based on calcium:phosphorus ratio, are available to more precisely meet mineral needs.

  • Available in an innovative 25 lb QuadBLOCK® designed to be easily divided into 4 mini blocks for individual stall feeding. 

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MoorMan's StaySTRONGTM Metabolic Mineral Pellets

A Pelleted Mineral, Vitamin, and Digestive Supplement for All Classes of Horses



  • Ideal for feeding to "easy keepers" and starch-sensitive horses
  • Contains GROSTRONG Minerals
  • Limited starch (no molasses, corn, or alfalfa) formulation
  • Provides direct fed microbials
  • Provides Prosponse® yeast
  • Provides natural-source vitamin E
  • Apple flavored
  • Feeding rate 1 - 1.3 lb/horse/day
  • Pellet form; packaged in 40 lb bag
  • Also great for miniature horses and ponies

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MoorMan's GROSTRONG Mintrate®

A Protein, Vitamin, and Mineral Supplement for All Classes of Horses



  • Contains 33% high-quality protein (whey, soybean and linseed meals)

  • Pelleted source of concentrated GROSTRONG Minerals

  • Provides essential amino acids and vitamins

  • Contains natural-source vitamin E

  • Provides direct fed microbials and Prosponse yeast

  • Palatable formula with apple flavor

  • Top-dress or use to fortify custom feed mixes

  • Feeding rate 0.5 - 2 lb/horse/day

  • Available in 50 lb bag

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A Free-Choice Protein, Vitamin, and Mineral Supplement for Horses on Pasture or Range



  • An ideal product for meeting supplemental horse nutrient needs under conditions that make it difficult to individually supplement horses on a daily basis, such as with horses on pasture or range.
  • 100 and 200 lb tubs for free-choice feeding reduces labor and amount of time needed to feed large groups of horses.
  • Economical choice for 1-2 lb/horse/day free-choice supplement.
  • Palatable formula ensures horses consume needed nutrients in proper amounts and ratios.
  • Provides GROSTRONG Minerals.
  • Provides energy from Soy ShineTM, a unique combination of highly digestible essential fatty acids, amino acids, fermentable fibers, and other nutrients derived from soybeans.
  • Provides natural-source vitamin E, which is more bio-available compared to synthetic vitamin E.

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GROSTRONG Ultra-Fiber Horse Feed


GROSTRONG Ultra-Fiber Horse Feed is a highly palatable, limited-starch, pelleted, fortified feed suitable for feeding programs for all classes of horses. It provides protein from oil seed meals and grains. Fermentable fiber sources are included in the formulation to take advantage of the unique equine digestive tract. GROSTRONG Ultra-Fiber Horse Feed has a lower starch-to-fiber ratio than grain mixes, which reduces the risks of digestive disorders associated with high-starch intake. Also contains CitriStim®.




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