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ADM Animal Nutrition Research



Our clients are our business lifeblood.  We want each business relationship to be a positive, interdependent experience for our clients and us.  Each relationship consists of experiences that are repeated on a regular basis as we partner together for the future, grateful for the success that cannot be achieved alone. Our commitment to our clients is to provide the innovative animal feed and pet food products, ingredients, and services that enable them to experience business success and personal enjoyment.

The only constant that remains true throughout ADM's history is the fact that our people are the single most valuable asset of this Company.  Our dedicated team of employees remains focused and our creativity and innovation drive us to discover new ways to add value to the world's agricultural production to improve the quality of life.  To assure our continued success into the 21st Century, ADM is vitally dependent upon the resources and commitment of our people.

The reality of that commitment has manifested itself in the success realized by ADM and, as stated by CEO, Patricia Woertz, enabled ADM to be "........ positioned for growth in key areas of food, feed, fuel, and industrials".

Proven Performance from Innovative Nutrition has as its foundation individuals who are committed to pursuing excellence in our product development initiatives. The synergies of our nutrition and feed technology Research staff enable us to identify the proper blend of ingredients with appropriate nutrient balance, and manufacture them in unique formulations using processes that may be patented.

Examples include: Frostcoats®, GROSTRONG® Minerals for Horses, GROSTRONG QuadBLOCK TM Minerals for Horses, Prosponse® Yeast, Enertia® by-pass fat, Nutreon® (a natural-source antioxidant) HFP, Super Soy TM, LiquaPro® liquid feeds.

Recently new product introductions included: Endofighter TM  and Master Gain TM Range Minerals with Weather Master TM, CitriStim TM PremiDexTM, Energy Boost TM, NutraTHIRST TM, First Plus TM, and RumeNext® D and B, ACT Performance TM cooked tubs, and Thermal Care TM heat stress solutions technologies.


Our ADM Research groups in Quincy, Illinois and Decatur, Illinois, are developing effective, interdependent relationships and applying those principles in the research projects being pursued. Evidence of this interdependence is that effective July 1, 2005 the Animal Nutrition Research staff began reporting through ADM corporate Research at the James R. Randall Research Center. This transition reflects the on-going efforts to work with ADM business units in our product development efforts so that we continue to Unlock the Potential of Nature to Improve the Quality of Life and we are "Resourceful by Nature."


Many of the co-products generated in the food, food ingredient, and fuel alcohol industries are utilized in livestock and poultry feeds and pet foods. From soybean meal to distillers' grains, from corn steep liquor to soy molasses, these co-products can be successfully used as individual ingredients in livestock or poultry feed or pet food formulation. This is the traditional use for these ingredients.

With our Research Team of nutritionists, feed technologists, engineers, chemists, microbiologists, and biochemists, we are working on projects that will blend specific co-products to create specialty ingredients. These specialty ingredients will add value to the individual co-products and benefit ADM and our clients. ADM began this process through the initial development of HFP. Our nutritionists and feed technologists are evaluating additional uses of HFP beyond use in dairy rations.

Similar use enhancements are being pursued with natural-source vitamin E. Super Soy TM was developed to create a cost-effective alternative to soybean meal through the use of soybean co-products and lysine and Corn Extender Blend was developed to provide an alternative to corn for animal feed applications.

Additional project teams are actively pursuing the use and blends of various liquid co-products for use in ruminant feeds. As we become more familiar with these liquid co-products and their nutritional and physical handling characteristics, we will initiate projects examining blends of liquid and dry co-products. We are beginning to investigate the nutritional benefits of various fermentation co-products and what applications are most appropriate in animal feeds and pet foods. CitriStimTM is the first example of a commercial product developed through our fermentation co-products research efforts. Others will follow. In addition to Nutreon®, other co-product blends are being investigated as potential antioxidants.

With manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and China, ADM Animal Nutrition is expanding our product distribution in North America, Latin America, the Pacific Rim, and Asia. This manufacturing and distribution network facilitates the commercialization of the products being developed by our Research team and meeting client needs. Examples of these growth opportunities are the distribution of beef products into Western Canada, utilization of premix facilities in Puerto Rico to expand the use of ADM-sourced grain and our feed manufacturing facilities in Puerto Rico and Trinidad, dairy feed product introductions in Eastern Canada, and distribution of natural-source vitamin E. Among the resources that ADM provides Animal Nutrition, the financial resources are essential to effectively grow our business and support product development initiatives.

The commitment by the Archer Daniels Midland Company to invest in the 2008 Mendon, Illinois Animal Nutrition Research Center expansion reflects the strength of Proven Performance from Innovative Nutrition and the future direction of our research program. A primary focus for the studies conducted at the unit utilizes sophisticated in-situ and in-vitro techniques and individual animal feeding studies to determine the nutrient content, related feeding value, and best use for ADM liquid and dry ingredients as well as associated ingredient blends. Major renovations of the Feed Technology Research Center during 2005 have enabled us to utilize modular equipment in the development of new feed manufacturing processes and expand the pilot plant capabilities of the center. Our Mission explains the "why" of our existence, and the definition of our business.

Our Research Mission states: Effectively using the resources available to us, we cultivate our Research team expertise and successfully commercialize animal feed/food products, ingredients, and services. We have been successful in pursuing our mission through the commercialization of products, ingredients, and services to serve our clients. In the pursuit of our Research mission, we look to the future with expectation and confidence. Our Research Vision enables us to sharpen one another and direct our focus on the future, for our vision defines where we want to be and what we want to be like. It is a desired future state. Our Research Vision states:

As a unified Research team, we are the client-preferred resource for innovative, commercially successful research and product development initiatives. Our Research Vision emphasizes that we are "the client-preferred source for innovative, commercially successful research and product development initiatives."

Why do our clients prefer us for research initiatives? They prefer us because the products we develop are innovative and are commercially successful, successful for their business and successful for our business.

Our clients are also ADM business units, allied industry businesses, and universities with which we are in various stages of discussions to secure and commercialize new technologies for animal feed and pet food use. Those discussions serve as the basis of our Strategic Alliance research initiatives, and they are key to our long-term success. As we cultivate our Research Team expertise, we have expanded our dialogue with scientists and engineers at the ADM Randall Research Center to better understand various co-products available to us.

This enables us to define the nutrient content of these products and their physical characteristics and effectively use them in animal feeding programs. We will continue to expand our working relationships with ADM staff as we seek to add value to the ADM co-products available to us. We also pursue the development of strategic research alliances with allied industry partners that will enable us to actively participate in the commercialization of new technologies.

Our ADM Animal Nutrition Research Team recognizes that in order for us to be successful and deliver the products and programs desired in animal nutrition, we cannot operate in isolation. We will continue to cultivate a broad base of ideas from multiple sources to strengthen our creative abilities and develop new products.

"Proven Performance from Innovative Nutrition" is a reality because of those research-partnering relationships established and those being pursued. As our client you are a member of our Partners in Research and we thank you for the opportunity to work together.




ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company