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are Absolutely Essential for Today's Horses
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MoorMan's® GROSTRONG® Minerals were created in 1925 and named GROSTRONG in 1926.*   With the exception of a few recent changes, such as the addition of natural-source vitamin E and apple flavoring, they have remained basically unchanged for over 80 years.  The formulas were ahead of their time, due to the inclusion of salt for palatability, increased zinc, no added potassium and substantial amounts of vitamins and trace minerals. They were first available in granular form. 

Later, pasture blocks and the unique patented QuadBLOCK®, that divides into four-sections for stall feeding, was developed.  With GROSTRONG Minerals products, we have this unprecedented tradition of excellence plus the latest innovations in technology. 

Several years ago MoorMan's and several other feed companies were purchased by Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM).  The new feed division of ADM was named ADM Animal Nutrition. 

The history of Moorman Manufacturing Company (known as MoorMan's) is best described in this article from the former MoorMan's Web site:

"At MoorMan's we believe the grain and forage grown by American farmers and ranchers is the finest livestock and poultry feed produced in the world.

But in these wonderful feeds there is more meat, milk and eggs than livestock and poultry can extract without special nutritional help.

The MoorMan way of serving farmers, ranchers and livestock feeders is to supply research-proved products made with carefully selected and processed ingredients. We can help stockmen fit these products into carefully planned programs which will best fulfill individual feeding goals. We further provide the services of a conscientious and well-informed counselor for on-the-spot guidance to help ensure the most profitable use of products and programs.

It has always been the basic MoorMan philosophy to supply our customers with products and services for greatest economy of production and maximum profits. This is MoorMan's contribution to America's producers of meat, milk and eggs."

The MoorMan's name has stood for quality livestock nutrition for more than a hundred years, since T. R. Moorman founded the company in 1885, in Big Springs, Kentucky. Part of Tom Moorman's livestock was hogs, which were not doing well. His concern over his ailing stock prompted him to send a postcard to the newly-formed United States Department of Agriculture in Washington D.C., requesting help.


He later received a formula, mixed it in the family coffee mill, and fed it to his hogs. After consuming the mixture, his hogs showed marked improvement. After seeing the results, Tom's neighbors and friends urged him to mix the formula and sell it throughout the community. Tom and his family mixed the product in their barn and sold it from a horse-drawn wagon. A business was born!


During the early 1900's, MoorMan's saw a need to establish its own Research facilities. Since then, our Research Team has pioneered so many new products, it is considered to be the industry pacesetter. Today, our Research Farms cover over 2,700 acres. In addition, we conduct field-research trials where farmers and ranchers cooperate with our researchers to challenge new products under a wide variety of conditions. We also work with universities, state experiment stations, federal agencies, chemical companies, and pharmaceutical companies to conduct basic research.


MoorMan's Firsts
Over the years, MoorMan's has pioneered many significant advancements in animal nutrition, livestock parasite control, quality control and feed manufacturing:


  • First mineral-feed manufacturer to establish a research farm.

  • First to develop practical iodine-analysis tests for feeds now used throughout the industry.

  • First to perfect a hog worm expeller to be used in feeds.

  • First to produce mineral supplements in block form.

  • First to make extensive use of pepsin-digestion tests to check digestibility of
    animal-protein sources.

  • First with a successful protein-vitamin-mineral block for self feeding grazing beef cattle.

  • First with a systemic insecticide in a complex mineral supplement for beef cattle grub control.

  • First feed manufacturer to market a self-fed protein block for effective worm treatment of cattle on range or pasture.

  • First to develop a highly palatable iron supplement for baby pigs.

  • First feed manufacturer to market a mineral supplement containing an insect growth regulator for grazing beef cattle to stop development of horn flies in the harmless papal stage.

  • First to develop a mineral block that divides into four quarters for horses.

Generations of livestock producers and horse owners have looked to our distinctive logo for high-performance feed products and nutritional knowledge. We're proud of our reputation, and we work hard to maintain it.

ADM Animal Nutrition tests feed ingredients to make sure they meet our high standards before we use them in our feed and supplement products. We continuously monitor our manufacturing processes. And, we stand behind the products we sell.

ADM Animal Nutrition invests so much effort in quality for one reason...to provide solid results for our customers. When you need livestock feeds you can depend on... depend on MoorMan's.

When we recommend GROSTRONG Minerals for Horses products, we know we are recommending the best value in the horse industry, products with over 80 years of history and the newest nutrition information and technology.


GROSTRONG Minerals for Horses since 1925



Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other major minerals including salt
Copper, zinc, selenium and other essential trace minerals
A, D, E and B-complex vitamins
Salt and electrolytes

Unique blend of nutrients promotes optimum performance in working horses

GROSTRONG Minerals has proven itself as the optimum mineral combination for broodmares and growing horses

                How Much is Needed

     1 to 3 oz per horse daily (see Product Instructions for Feeding).


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StaySTRONG® Metabolic Mineral Pellets

Features & Benefits

Select ingredients, fixed formulation...... Ensures product consistency and dependable nutrient sources.

Nutritionally balanced..... Compatible with all balanced feeding programs.

Low starch (no molasses, corn, or alfalfa) formulation..... Enables horses sensitive to starch to receive needed metabolic nutrients.  The use of digestible fiber sources results in a lower starch content, which research shows decreases the risk of digestive disorders.

Contains GROSTRONG Minerals..... Provides major minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes in correct amounts and ratios to ensure horses receive needed nutrients

Provides direct fed microbials..... Enables more efficient metabolism of nutrients from the foregut, resulting in better nutrient utilization of the entire ration.

Provides Prosponse® yeast....... Studies have shown yeast enhances feed palatability, digestibility, and hindgut fermentation.

Provides natural-source vitamin E...... Shown to protect body tissues from oxidative damage. Vitamin E is vital to immune system functioning and may be especially important for working horses as they are more prone to exercise-induced muscle damage. Natural-source vitamin E is more bio-available than synthetic vitamin E.

Apple flavored...... Readily accepted by horses.

Pellet form......... Easy to feed and reduces waste.

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StaySTRONGTM 33 Ration Balancer




Contatins GROSTRONG Mineral product
33% high-quality protein


Pelleted form enables easy mixing or top dressing
Highly palatable to ensure optimum intake

Feeding Instructions:
Mix into grain-based feeds or top-dress 1/2 to 2 lb daily 

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Dependable GROSTRONG Minerals
20% protein & 18% protein tubs available
Energy provided with 5.5% fat from Soy Shine in the 20-5 Tub
Extra energy provided with 12% fat from Soy Shine in the 18-12 Tub

Convenient free-choice supplement tub for horses on pasture or range
Efficient 100 & 200 lb tubs for large group feeding

Click Here for detailed information on the 20-5 Tub

Click Here for detailed information on the 18-12 Tub

Patriot ® 36% Protein Supplement



36% protein concentrate
Fortified with GROSTRONG Minerals and vitamins
Contains Prosponse yeast supplement, an aid to nutrient utilization

Consistent, fixed formula
Palatable, readily consumed for balanced nutrition

Feeding Instructions:
Mix with grain to make fortified feed or top-dress 1/2 to 2 lb daily


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ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company