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Premium Blends

Premium formulations for specialized situations.


FORAGE FIRST® is important for horses.

From a scientific standpoint, horses are classified as non-ruminant herbivores, with digestive tracts designed to best utilize good-quality forages. Substantial research shows that feeding programs relying too heavily on cereal grains, with limited forage, often result in health and performance problems. Forage, a horse's natural feed, should be chosen to meet as much of a horse's protein, energy, and fiber needs as possible. Alliance Nutrition's unique FORAGE FIRST approach is specifically designed to make it easy to maximize the forage in horse rations.  


Additional Energy Needs Premium Blends are formulated by combining stabilized rice bran with other energy, protein, vitamin and mineral sources to produce unique products that are more concentrated, thus lowering the feeding rate in comparison to traditional feeds and supplements.

FORAGE FIRST programs combine good-quality forage, GROSTRONG
® vitamin-mineral products, and Specialized Premium Blends (POWERGLO®, SENIORGLO®, JUNIORGLO?, and ShowBoost® - all containing stabilized rice bran) to produce balanced total rations. With this combination of feeds, horses can be healthy and perform at their best when fed less grain than they would receive from traditional horse rations. Consequently, horses are at less risk of metabolic and digestive disorders and DOD that may result from high-starch intake. Stabilized rice bran is the foundation of ADMAlliance Nutrition's Specialized Premium Blend products.


Advantages of Stabilized Rice Bran as an Energy Source

  • Provides 20% fat from natural rice oil - highly digestible energy source provides more energy per pound compared to grains, thus reducing the amount of starch in the diet which can reduce "grain-high attitude," risk of digestive disorders, and thermal load.

  • Can be used to enhance body condition of thin horses.

  • Contributes to hair coat shine and ?bloom.?

For additional advantages of stabilized rice bran refer to the Premium Hi-Fat Supplements section.





For safe, rapid growth of young horses Premium Nutrition for Foals, Growing Horses, and Broodmares


A source of energy that does not contribute to metabolic and digestive disorders and developmental orthopedic disorders (DOD) is a long-awaited breakthrough for the horse industry. JUNIORGLO, a Specialized Premium Blend product, contains the original stabilized rice bran, which is considered the best source of beneficial dietary fat for horses. JUNIORGLO, contains no whole corn or corn starch and is formulated by combining Stabilized Rice Bran, Omega Flax?, and Soy Shine® with protein, vitamin, and mineral sources to produce a unique feed that is more energy dense, thus lowering the feeding rate compared to traditional grain-based horse feeds. JUNIORGLO is a key component of FORAGE FIRST® programs and is the perfect fit for meeting the nutritional challenges faced by young, growing horses. FORAGE FIRST programs combine good-quality forage, GROSTRONG® vitamin-mineral products, and Specialized Premium Blends to produce balanced total rations. With this combination of feeds, horses can be healthy and perform at their best when fed less grain than they would receive from traditional horse rations. Consequently, horses are at less risk of metabolic and digestive disorders and DOD that may result from high-starch intake. Stabilized rice bran is the foundation of Alliance Nutrition's Specialized Premium Blend products.

JUNIORGLO provides GROSTRONG Minerals (since 1925) with vitamins and electrolytes and is also enhanced with direct fed microbials to boost foregut efficiency and Prosponse® brewers dried yeast, known to improve digestibility of forage components in the hindgut. The proprietary formula is beneficial for young, growing horses to synergistically accelerate the digestive process in the stomach and small intestine where maximum absorption takes place.

The dual action benefits are:

  • More efficient metabolism of nutrients from the entire ration  -  resulting in availability of more nutrients and cost savings.

  • Less acidity in the hindgut with more efficient digestive activity  -  reducing the risks of the number one and two killers (colic and founder) of horses.


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Premium Nutrition for Mature Horses


PRIMEGLO, #81578AAA24, is the first of its kind, an ultra-premium, pelleted horse feed formulated to meet the needs of typical trail and light performance horses without overdoing the calories and without the need for additional nutritional supplements.


The average horse owner feeds 4.5 nutritional supplements, which is very expensive and ultimately results in un-balanced rations. With correctly balanced rations, there should be no need for supplements for coat, hoof quality or digestive support. None of these are necessary when feeding PRIMEGLO according to feeding recommendations.

PRIMEGLO is a 2x concentrated feed formulated for a 2-4 lb# feeding rate for typical horses (900-1,200 lb#). This feeding rate results in a feed with one-half or less the calories of typical horse feeds. This also lowers the cost per horse daily, resulting in a more economical total feeding program.

PRIMEGLO contains ADM proprietary ingredients specifically blended with the best feed ingredients for overall health, optimal digestion, shiny coats, strong hooves and bloom. PRIMEGLO comes in 5/16 inch pellets that are easy for horses to pick up if dropped, resulting in less waste. PRIMEGLO has a base of alfalfa (known to help prevent ulcers) and soybean hulls and contains HEALTHY GLOTM and StaySTRONG® Metabolic Mineral Pellets with ZinPro®* 4-Plex organic trace minerals, direct-fed microbials, CitriStimTM and Prosponse® brewer's dried yeast. PRIMEGLO contains 8% fat from stabilized rice bran, Omega Flax® and Soy Shine®. PRIMEGLO is available in 50# poly bags.

The official launch of PRIMEGLO was at the Clinton Anderson Tour Stop in St. Paul, MN on June 4-5, 2011.


PRIMEGLO is now available nationwide. PRIMEGLO will be promoted through The Horse Show with Rick Lamb, the American Competitive Trail Horse Association and Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship as well as national and regional advertising.



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POWERGLO® For Serious Horse Power
Premium Nutrition for Elite Performance Horses


Elite performance horses require precisely balanced feed programs to achieve their full potential. POWERGLO complements good-quality forage to maximize nutrition for optimum performance. POWERGLO's concentrated vitamin and mineral fortified formula is the perfect combination of vegetable fats, digestible fibers, and starch for elite performance horses. It provides energy from stabilized rice bran, Soy Shine, and Omega Flax (source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids)






Get the POWERGLO Advantage

  • Specially formulated for race, barrel and performance horses - Wheat germ with octacosanol, stabilized rice bran, Soy Shine, and Omega Flax for optimum performance.

  • Concentrated - Provides energy in a form that decreases the risk of musculoskeletal and digestive disorders (colic, founder, tying-up) associated with high-starch (grain) intake.

  • Soft pellets - Better digestibility and absorption.

  • Highly palatable - Readily accepted by working horses, growing horses, and breeding horses.

  • Provides nutrients for hair coat and hooves - Attractive shine and ?bloom? in hair coat; strong, healthy hooves.


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For Youthful Bloom and Condition

Premium Nutrition for Horses Aged 4 & Over Recent advances in equine medicine and nutrition are making it possible for horses to live longer and more productive lives. Research indicates senior horses may be less efficient at absorbing or utilizing certain nutrients. The specially selected and combined ingredients in SENIORGLO are perfect for meeting the nutritional challenges faced by senior horses.







Seize the SENIORGLO Advantage

  • Specially formulated - Meets the specialized nutrient needs of older horses, such as increased requirements for protein, phosphorus, B-complex vitamins, and vitamin C.

  • Avoid grain overload - Contains stabilized rice bran, Soy Shine, Omega Flax, soybean hulls, and beet pulp.

  • SENIORGLO is formulated free of whole corn or corn starch in order to provide energy without producing symptoms of grain overload typically associated with feeding large amounts of grain.

  • Streamlined feeding - Because of its concentrated formula, SENIORGLO is the only senior horse feed that allows horse owners to choose their forage and forage-to-concentrate ratios. For instance, many older horses can still consume some hay and pasture, while others need processed forages, such as hay cubes.

  • Ease of feeding - The highly palatable formula and 5/16" soft, easy-to-chew pellets make it easy for senior horses to pick-up and consume.

  • Contains CitriStim (see description in Advantages of Concentrated Energy Supplements section).

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For a Nutrient Boost.  A Premium Supplement for Show Horses and Other Show Animals*



Show horses are subjected to stresses of the show ring and travel. A nutrient boost may be beneficial to increase or maintain show condition. ShowBoost provides critical nutrients needed during stressful situations. In addition, its nutrient profile promotes a healthy, shiny hair coat. ShowBoost is also beneficial as a supplemental protein source for horses stressed by illness or weight loss or when forage quality is questionable.



Gain the ShowBoost Advantage



  •     Specially formulated - Meets unique, supplemental nutrient needs of show horses.

  •     Mini-pellet form - Easily mixes with other feeds.

  •     Palatable - Readily accepted supplement that can be top dressed on a variety of feeds and helps
    maintain feed intake.

  •     Natural fat from stabilized rice bran, essential fatty acids, and natural-source vitamin E enhance hair coat condition.

  •     Omega Flax provides Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

  •     Provides A, D, E, and B vitamins.

  •     Provides high-quality protein along with energy and minerals.

ClClick Here for more information


* ShowBoost is also beneficial for show cattle and rabbits.


Going Against the Grain for the Horse



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