Your pet is special. Keeping your pet nutritionally fit is easy with ADM Animal Nutrition's Proud Paws® Pet Food Products. These products provide economical, balanced, nutritional feeding programs for dogs and cats of all life stages.



Canine Formulations:


Watch the 2013 Interview with Kory Kraus: In this new video, Kory Kraus, National Dog Field Trials Champion talks about his experience using Proud Paws Dog Food for his champion English Pointer & German Shorthair dogs. This is a great testimony to the reliability and quality of Proud Paws Dog Food


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Feline Formulations:

Proud Paws 31.5/11 Cat & Kitten Food No. 81596AAA
Formulated for cats and kittens of all ages







Proud Paws Pet Foods offer . . .

Nutritionally Complete and Balanced Products
All Proud Paws Pet Food products are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for the appropriate
AAFCO dog or cat food nutrient profile. No additional sources of protein, energy, vitamins, or minerals are needed in the pet's diet.

Meat Protein Sources
Dogs and cats efficiently use meat-based protein sources to meet needs for maintenance, growth, and reproduction.

Wholesome, Highly Digestible, High-Quality Ingredients
Strict selection of high-quality ingredients and manufacturing quality control procedures ensure products contain only high-quality ingredients beneficial to the nutritional status of pets.

High and Consistent Palatability
Nutritional adequacy combined with great taste ensures pets will consume needed nutrients.

Low-Fiber/High-Energy Content
The result is less stool volume, a great feature for pet food products.

Vitamin/Mineral Fortification
Proper mineral and vitamin levels are essential for a vast array of body functions and good health. An improperly formulated pet food predisposes pets to an inefficient, unhealthy life.

Omega 6 and 3 Fatty Acids
Most Proud Paws products provide guaranteed amounts of Omega 6 fatty acid (may help maintain a healthy immune system) and Omega 3 fatty acid (enhances healthy skin and coat).


Natural-source vitamin E
Protects body tissue from oxidative damage. The need for vitamin E is vital to immune system functioning. Research shows natural-source vitamin E is more bioavailable compared with synthetic vitamin E.


A prebiotic that may have a positive effect on healthy digestion.


Locked-In Product Formula
Ensures products are consistent from one production run to the next. Nutrition and palatability would otherwise be compromised.

Dry Product Form
Providing a consistent, palatable, complete pet food is more easily accomplished with dry pet foods versus canned pet foods, which typically contain meat, meat-byproducts, cereal products, and a high percentage of water. Canned pet foods may or may not be fortified with needed vitamins and minerals.

Guaranteed Amount of Taurine in Cat/Kitten Food
Chicken by-product meal and added taurine are crucial to meeting a cat's essential amino acid requirements and helps support healthy vision and heart health.



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