Progressive Dairy Clients Will Benefit
From New Strategic Alliances

Assisting dairy producers in all facets of their business is the goal of ADM Animal Nutrition's Dairy Solutions®Team. This team of dairy experts provides expertise on dairy herd management, nutrition and herd health. Several alliances have been established with resource partners that can provide added expertise to ADM Animal Nutrition dairy clients. Alliances have been established with Dairy Strategies, LLC., Five-G Consulting, and Downes O'Neill to provide expertise in the areas of dairy business planning, facility design & planning, and dairy price risk management respectively.

The expertise that the Dairy Solutions Team provides our clients is complimented by the strategic alliances with these fine resource partners. This integrated team approach to servicing dairy producers provides ADM Animal Nutrition dairy clients with a diverse range of experts to enhance the profitability of their dairy business. ADM Animal Nutrition and the Dairy Solutions Team are dedicated to the enhancement of dairy farm profitability and providing the resources required to make this objective a reality.

Strategic Alliance Provides Dairy Business Planning & Evaluation Expertise
Through Dairy Strategies, LLC.

The old adage, "failing to plan is planning to fail", holds true in all businesses and the dairy business is no exception. In an effort to provide a portfolio of dairy business expertise to our dairy clients, ADM Animal Nutrition has developed an alliance with Dairy Strategies, LLC.

Dairy Strategies, LLC. is a dairy business management consulting firm based in Madison, Wisconsin, with additional offices in California, Minnesota, Idaho, Texas, Argentina and China. Founded by Dr. Terry Smith, former Director of the University of Wisconsin Center For Dairy Profitability, Dairy Strategies, LLC. provides a team of professionals that assist dairy producers throughout the country and abroad in the areas of:

  • Dairy Business Planning

  • Dairy Operations Performance Review

  • Dairy Financial Projections and Analysis

  • Human Resource Procurement and Management

  • Continuing Education and Training Programs for Dairy Producers

  • Risk Management Planning

  • Dairy Performance Benchmarking

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures for Dairy Producers

ADM Animal Nutrition is proud of it's association with Dairy Strategies, LLC. and the resource they can be to our dairy clients. For more information on how to utilize this resource as an ADM Animal Nutrition client and receive a discount on the initial consultation, contact Don Jaquette, ADM Animal Nutrition Dairy Nutritionist, at (866) 666-7626.. You can also visit the Dairy Strategies, LLC. website at

Strategic Alliance Provides Dairy Facility Planning Resource to ADM Alliance Nutrition Clients Through Five-G Consulting

Whether it be remodeling existing dairy facilities or building a new operation, expanding one's dairy business is one of the biggest investments a dairyman will make. Attention to detail and proper planning are prerequisites for building the most cost effective facility. One must consider not only their current needs but anticipated future needs as well.

ADM Animal Nutrition is proud to announce that we have a resource partner in Five-G Consulting to provide dairy facility & design planning and expertise for our dairy clients.. Five-G Consulting was founded in the 1960's for the purpose of providing custom design and engineering services for the dairy and commercial heifer industries. The objective of their service is to provide a cost effective "total systems" approach to planning modern, state-of-the-art facilities and to the upgrading of existing facilities.

The design staff at Five-G has worked on dairy projects ranging in size from under 100 cows to 12,000 cows. They have built dairies in climates as diverse as the Arabian desert to the Alaskan Tundra.

Long term trends in the dairy industry have shown steady growth in the size of dairy enterprises. At the same time dairy sanitation requirements, herd health needs and pollution control regulations have become more stringent. These factors, plus the ever increasing cost of building construction and equipment, emphasize the need for careful up front, long range planning. Sound planning is important for the construction of new facilities, as well as remodeling, expansion and modernization of existing dairies. Sound, long-range planning is just as essential for the small dairy as the large, if it is expected to meet the challenges of the future, and be profitable.

The Five-G Consulting principals have focused on these specific areas of concern to the dairymen. Five-G also provides Dairy Expansion Seminars across the United States on an annual basis for which ADM Animal Nutrition is a principal partner.

ADM Animal Nutrition is pleased to utilize the resources and expertise provided by Five-G Consulting for our dairy clients. For more information on how to utilize this fine resource and obtain a discount on the Preliminary Design Study as an ADM Animal Nutrition client, contact Don Jaquette, ADM Animal Nutrition Dairy Nutritionist, at (866) 666-7626. You can also visit the Five-G Consulting website at



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