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Enhanced Mineral and Vitamin Supplementation to Unlock the Wealth of Available Forages



MasterGain Range Minerals® are a critical part of a year-round range-feeding program. Research has shown forages don't always provide needed levels of minerals and vitamins grazing cattle need. Without proper mineral and vitamin supplementation, cattle performance may suffer. MasterGain Range Minerals offer varied levels of key nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and trace minerals to fit a wide variety of feeding situations.

The Importance of Feeding Minerals and Vitamins
Minerals and vitamin supplementation make it possible for cattle to achieve the most economical gains possible from the forages and grain fed to your cattle. Minerals are needed in very small quantities, yet are a critical part of the overall nutritional package fed to cattle and are the backbone of a successful range or feedlot cattle program. Minerals play a vital role in nutrient digestion, reproductive performance, the immune system, and in the development of muscle, bones, and teeth. Typically, inadequate intake of essential minerals and vitamins may result in:

  • Reduced forage intake

  • Inefficient feed utilization

  • Decreased average daily gains

  • Lower reproductive efficiency

  • Poor disease immunity



Minerals Cattle Need

Macro Minerals

Trace Minerals















Mineral Supplementation Increases the Rumen Microbe Population

Feeding minerals increases the rumen microbe population, which is critical to increasing forage digestion. Figure 1 shows cattle fed hay had only 39% of the microbial population of cattle fed a full supplement package while cattle fed minerals and vitamins had 69% of the rumen microbe population. Increased rumen microbe populations can lead to improved forage digestion, which leads to improved body condition scores.



What if I Feed only Salt or Trace Mineralized Salt

Salt or trace mineralized salt will not meet all the nutrient needs of cattle. Cattle need a balanced mineral (macro and trace) and vitamin program to maximize forage digestion and cattle performance. Figure 2 shows the difference in nutrient digestion in cattle fed only salt compared to cattle fed a balanced mineral program.

Supplementing with a balanced mineral and vitamin program enables cattle to obtain more of their needed nutrients from the forages consumed rather than getting needed nutrients from grain or additional supplements. Feeding a balanced mineral and vitamin program can reduce total cost of production by increasing forage digestion, which can increase performance.


Year-Round Range MasterGain Mineral Program
MasterGain Range Minerals are manufactured using a coarse particle size to reduce losses due to wind and are formulated to be consumed at 2 to 4 oz. per head per day. MasterGain Range Minerals also contain Prosponse® Yeast to provide essential micronutrients to maximize rumen fermentation and increase mineral palatability.

  • MasterGain 12 - 6 Range Mineral - Provides 2:1calcium to phosphorus ratio for year-round use.

  • MasterGain 12 - 12 Range Mineral - Provides 1:1calcium to phosphorus ratio for use when phosphorus needs are higher, such as prior to breeding.

  • MasterGain 12 - 6 Hi-Mag® Range Mineral - Provides additional magnesium for cattle grazing lush rapidly growing grass or legume crops when grass tetany may be a problem.

  • MasterGain Mineral Options include:Organic Trace Minerals

  • MasterGain Fescue Range Minerals with Endo-Fighter offers needed nutritional support for cattle consuming fescue forages.

  • WeatherMaster

Rumensin ®*

* Not Trademarks of ADM

Develop Your Year-Round Range Feeding Program to Maximize Forage Digestion MasterGain Range Minerals provide enhanced mineral and vitamin nutrition you need to unlock the wealth of available forages. Contact your ADM Animal Nutrition supplier today to develop your Year-Round Range Feeding Program with MasterGain Range Minerals.


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